Case Study: Wastewater Treatment

Water resources now face escalating pressure due to population growth, urbanization, and industrialization. Wastewater, laden with pollutants such as oils, suspended solids, organic matters, and heavy metals, poses threats to the environment and public health. Thus, having an efficient and well-managed wastewater treatment process is imperative for sustainable water management and environmental protection.


A wastewater treatment system consists of numerous plants that are physically spread out, which presents a number of challenges. First, the dispersed layout of these plants and equipment makes it difficult to respond to issues in a timely manner. Secondly, due to a large number of devices and operators, authorization control is quite complex. Furthermore, different equipment acquired over time have different designs, generating data in different formats. All these issues put a dent in the system’s operation efficiency and its economic benefits.


To address these challenges, the system adopted the cMT2158X HMI with excellent communication capabilities as the primary interface for on-site operations. Data collected by HMI on-site are sent to a cMT-FHDX-820 in the control room, and the cMT-FHDX-820 displays all of them on a large external screen, as a solution to provide centralized monitoring of all on-site devices.

Moreover, the system employs the following features Weintek offers to address each challenge:


1. Data Visualization – Graphic Objects and Picture Libraries

For HMI on site and the control room screens alike, the system presents data with visuals that closely reflects on-site conditions with the help of dynamic objects, trend charts, and Weintek’s high-quality picture libraries.

2. Authorization Management and System Security – User Security and Operation Log

The cMT2158X features user authorization management and operation log, ensuring full traceability and operator safety.

3. Real-time Notification and Remote Monitoring – EasyAccess 2.0

EasyAccess 2.0 provides administrators with hassle-free remote access to the HMI, featuring HMI screen monitoring and push notification which relays real-time events to persons in charge. There is also the pass-through feature which enables remote access to the PLC – via the HMI – for tuning and troubleshooting needs.

4. Data Output and Management – FTP Client/Server Two-way File Transfer

In addition to backup via external USB drives, the HMI offers backup via FTP. Supporting both client and server modes, HMI’s FTP function allows files like reports and screen captures to be backed up from HMI to a computer server; meanwhile, file transfer in the opposite direction is just as easy. More importantly, integration of all data into the HMI system unifies the reporting format, making archiving and data retrieval much simpler later on.



Through the implementation of Weintek solutions, the system has effectively tackled challenges in data visualization, integration, and centralized management. Specifically, enhanced visualization facilitates the decision-making process, and significant improvement in file accessibility and system security is evident. Collectively, these solutions have enhanced the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process, reducing labor need and saving time, thereby generating economic benefits and promoting   environmental sustainability.


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