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Input Object Keypad Display

When creating Input objects for cMT Series models, such as Numeric object and ASCII object, the following popup keypads can be selected. System keypad:Default keypads on diverse platforms. Custom keypad:Customized keypads created using windows...

Control Token

cMT Series HMI has been offering flexible and versatile functions, which allow multiple users to remote control an HMI at the same time. To ensure system safety by preventing an object to be controlled...

L29 – iR-ETN

In this topic, you will learn: 1. What is iR-ETN? 2. Use EasyRemote IO to set iR-ETN parameter 3. EasyBuilder Pro Build-in driver support   For more product information about iR-ETN, please refer: https://www.weintek.com/globalw/Product/Product_speciR.aspx

L28 – iR-COP

In this topic, you will learn: 1. Communication setting of iR-COP 2. Weintek Remote I/O (CANOpen) 3. PDO and SDO setting   For more product information about iR-COP, please refer: https://www.weintek.com/globalw/Product/Product_speciR.aspx

L27 – USB Camera and Web Streaming

In this topic, you will learn: 1. Quickly setup USB camera 2. Record video from USB camera 3. Viewed streamed video from HMI on web browser   For more details about USB camera, please...