Template: Easily Manage HMI Project Design

In today’s production lines, the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) plays an important role, connecting numerous devices and making their status, alerts, control elements or even the entire production accessible to operators. However, with HMI projects getting larger, developers often find themselves buried in tasks involving mass configuration of similar types. These repetitive and inevitable tasks not only get increasingly laborious as the design phase unfolds, but also present a formidable challenge for ongoing maintenance.

In response to this challenge, Weintek introduces a new feature in EasyBuilder Pro – Template. Similar to the idea of PowerPoint master slides, now developers can first define specific window pages as templates and replicate them in various pages within the HMI project. This feature helps developers expedite HMI program development significantly, leading to substantial time savings.


Quickly Mastering Template


Additional Highlights

It’s worth noting what the Template feature offers in different stages of a project.

  • Development: Developers can rapidly replicate designs from a template, boosting efficiency in the development stage.
  • Update: Templates reduce the likelihood of manual errors when managing a large number of objects.
  • Maintenance: When changes are made to a template, they will be applied automatically to all objects associated with the template, streamlining the maintenance process.

Eligible models: All Weintek HMIs

Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.09.01 or later


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