iR-ETN40P – An Ethernet I/O Module

Product Introduction

In 2022, Weintek introduced the iR-ETN40R, an expandable Ethernet remote I/O module, delivering an automation solution that is straightforward and easy to integrate. Responding to the increasing demand for high-speed outputs, we proudly unveil the iR-ETN40P, specifically designed to support high-speed outputs.

Despite its compact design, the iR-ETN40P combines couplers with digital high-speed inputs and outputs while retaining the flexibility of adding additional I/O modules. Adopting iR-ETN40P will not only streamline the establishment and integration of your automated control systems but also does so in a cost-effective manner.


Key Features
  • Compact many-in-one design

iR-ETN40P provides built-in support for MODBUS TCP/IP Server and EtherNet/IP Adapter protocols and comes with 24 digital inputs and 16+2 digital outputs. Apart from the built-in I/O, the expandable design makes it possible to add additional digital, analog I/O, temperature modules, or pulse modules as required. Additionally, input and output connectors are of push-in type, which greatly simplify installation and wiring tasks.

  • High-speed inputs

iR-ETN40P offers 4 high-speed inputs for high-speed applications. These high-speed inputs can be configured for high-speed counter use (20 kHz, up to 4), or for A/B phase encoder use (10 kHz, up to 2 sets), depending on the application.

  • High-speed outputs

In addition to the 16 digital outputs, the iR-ETN40P offers 2 high-speed outputs. These outputs support pulse output, pulse width modulation (PWM) output, as well as modes that facilitate stepper motor control such as CW/CCW pulse and pulse + direction.

  • iR-ETN40R vs. iR-ETN40P

In summary, the key distinction between iR-ETN40R and iR-ETN40P lies in their output configuration, as outlined in the table below:

The iR-ETN40P also incorporates exclusive features from the iR-ETN40R, such as Stop Output and Pulse Capture. Similarly, it utilized the EasyRemoteIO software to generate the description files which can then be imported by other software to complete configuration with minimal effort.


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