Network Connectivity Upgrade of Device, Did you make the right choice?

The first step towards smart manufacturing is to enable network connectivity for existing machines. Traditionally, this is done by adding a communication/expansion module, a “special-purpose module” designed exclusively for the system; however, finding one for every machine can be challenging when there are hundreds of machines of different brands and ages in a factory.

Meanwhile, the “general-purpose gateway”, offers a viable alternative. General-purpose gateways such as Weintek’s Gateway Series support a wide variety of protocols to cover the shortcomings of expansion modules, helping to integrate different devices flexibly at a much lower cost.

Can a general-purpose gateway replace a special-purpose module and become the preferred choice for network integration? To answer this question, let’s look into their core functions, cost-effectiveness, and application flexibility.

While special-purpose module and general-purpose gateway may appear similar when it comes to their core feature in protocol conversion, it is the general-purpose gateway that can tackle the problem where there are a great number of devices of different types, which would have been difficult with special-purpose modules. Furthermore, as shown above, the general-purpose gateway has an edge in connectivity, development costs, and feature offerings, and so does the solution it provides.

Smart Gateway

An excellent gateway product should be more than just protocol conversion; its product versatility, ease of use, and overall cost also come into play. Designed as a general-purpose gateway, Weintek’s Gateway Series not only supports 400+ PLC drivers and industrial protocol standards: OPC UA, MQTT, and MODBUS TCP/IP, but also provides data processing capability with its support of data sampling and event reporting of which data can be synchronized to MySQL / MS SQL databases. In addition, it utilizes email and push notification by EasyAccess 2.0 to instantly deliver device statuses, allowing a smarter way of site monitoring. And all of the above are configured within the software – EasyBuilder Pro.

Weintek’s Gateway Series comes with a full suite of connectivity options to address different requirements. Are you looking to enable network connectivity for your machine? Why not start with Weintek’s Gateway Series?

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