After Weintek has released a series of HMI models that support MQTT, these products soon received enthusiastic attentions. MQTT is an ideal way for connecting onsite machines to major IIoT platforms because of its lightweight, minimized data packets, low bandwidth utilization, and secure data transfer. Being successful in providing the ideal MQTT solution, Weintek aims to make changes from good to great. Let’s see how Weintek has reduced data packets and added support for more flexible format for publishing topics.


JSON format(Simple) – Topic Publisher & Subscriber supported

  • Remove JSON array bracket ‘[’ and ‘]’:Array bracket can be removed for single bit or word.
  • Use top-level key “d” for all addresses:When this option is not selected, ts become keys of the same level.
  • Include timestamp:Selecting this option can include timestamp in the message.


JSON format(Advanced) –Topic Publisher supported

  • Self-defined format:This is a nested format that allows using objects or arrays, and customizing timestamp and data name. Using this format provides a more flexible way of using MQTT.


Supported HMI models: HMI models that support MQTT
Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.02.02 or later versions (Download)

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