Database Server

The fourth industrial revolution is taking place right now, are you ready for it? Still feeling upset about how to make your factory work smarter and organize the HMI data more efficiently? Database Server is definitely the solution. The newly released object by Weintek, Database Server, can connect to the SQL database on a remote computer and synchronize the data sampling, event log in HMI to the SQL server. The users can easily manage the HMI data logs by the third-party applications on the computer.


An engineer would like to retrieve the HMI data in his office, use Microsoft Excel to show the data and do a further management. With Database Server object, the data logs in HMI can be synchronized to SQL database server. Then the engineer can use ODBC to connect to the SQL database, access the data in SQL and perform further management with Microsoft Excel.

PS: Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is an API developed by Microsoft, which can access the database management system (DBMS). The application using ODBC driver can link to the DBMS easily.

Supported Model: cMT Series

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