An Application Demo of Weintek’s Factory: EasyAccess2.0 Security Control System

Weintek has implemented EasyAccess2.0 in its factory. The functions “remote access” and “push notification” of EasyAccess2.0 make it perfect to be implemented as a security control system for Burn-in Test Equipment.

A production scheduling can be set on cMT-iPC15 to make testing machine function in the evenings or weekends even though there’s no one in the factory. When the testing machine overheats, cMT-SVR will send an alert message to the operator’s phone through EasyAccess2.0 Push Notification. In this way, the operator is able to solve the emergency directly on the phone by:

– Remotely investigate the onsite video camera or evaluate the temperature trend.
– Remotely reset the testing machine or modify the control parameters.
– Remotely cut off the power supply of testing machines to maintain onsite security or avoid a fire accident.

Through the security control system built with EasyAcecss2.0, the company is able to decrease human resource expenses, increase production efficiency, instantly deal with the machine’s emergency and maintain on-site security. This product achieves many things with one stroke!


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