cMT diagnoser

Aiming to enhance the functions of cMT Series models, Weintek RD Team has developed a new tool, Diagnoser, which allows diagnostic operations such as read/write register values of HMI and PLC in online/offline simulation.


How to open Diagnoser:

In off-line/on-line simulation, this feature can be opened from the right-click menu.


In the Diagnoser interface, the objects used in the current window and their operating addresses are shown in a table.

Changing register values in Diagnoser is possible by selecting a window number in [Current Window] drop-down list.

Diagnoser also allows triggering macro and provides results viewer.


Please note that Diagnoser will not show objects without operating addresses, for example, Function Keys.

Supported models: cMT series (cMT-G01/cMT-G02 excluded)
Software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.00.01 (download)

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