[Q&A]Smart HMI: cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10

Since Weintek released Smart HMI cMT Series in year 2013, the product has received enthusiastic response from the customers owing to its innovative design that provides the best IIoT solution. Among the cutting-edge cMT Series products, cMT-iPC15 won 2016 Control Engineering China Editor’s Choice Award, highlighting Weintek products for the outstanding quality.

Here we gladly answer some frequently asked questions on cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10.


Q1: How to integrate cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 or cMT-iV5 with cMT-SVR?

Breaking through the operating limitation of conventional “One Machine to One Screen” architecture, Weintek Smart HMI cMT Series realizes “One Machine to Multi-Screens” architecture that can flexibly suit diverse application. cMT-SVR that stands for “Machine” is equipped with COM port and dual Ethernet ports, enabling it to connect to controllers and efficiently perform arithmetic operations, or process data such as Recipes, Data Sampling, and Event/Data Log. “Screen” can be cMT-iV5 or cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10. Both of them can run cMT Viewer to display the instant and historical data or operate cMT-SVR. Furthermore, Windows-based cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 can run third party applications.

Example Scenario: A user can use cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10/cMT-iV5 to monitor and control multiple cMT-SVR, and run Excel on cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 to view database tables generated from cMT-SVR’s Data Log / Event Log / Recipe.


Q2: cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 or cMT-iV5, which is better to use with cMT-SVR?

Do you need one screen to monitor multiple cMT-SVRs?
Yes -> select cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 ; No -> select cMT-iV5

Do you plan to run a third party application in addition to HMI function?
Yes -> select cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 ; No -> select cMT-iV5


Q3: Why there’s no COM port on cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10?

The most common way our competitors use is connecting a Panel PC’s COM port with a controller and then run HMI program or third party applications on the Panel PC. This method can be fatally unstable where Windows may unexpectedly crash and stop the machines. That’s why Weintek adopts a new architecture: Panel PC (cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10) + cMT-SVR. In this architecture, cMT-SVR is connected with the controller and is able to execute macro functions, or process Recipes, Data Sampling, and Event/Data Log. cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 on the other hand can run cMT Viewer and third party applications. This task reallocation ensures that the operation of cMT-SVR will not be affected when Windows run on cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 crashes. If cMT-SVR is simultaneously connected with other devices such as cMT-iV5 or iPad / Android Tablet, these devices will not be affected by Windows crash as well, and the machine can keep working.


Q4: What can the built-in EasyLauncher on cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10 do?

EasyLauncher is an application management and monitor tool dedicatedly designed by Weintek RD Team. EasyLauncher only takes a few easy steps of setting before it can deliver smartphone-like user experience on cMT-iPC15/cMT-iPC10, enabling operators to quickly launch third party applications.

EasyLauncher Features

  • User-defined shortcuts of frequently used apps:
    The shortcut name and icon of the application can be customized and placed in different categories and different pages. For example, place Excel, PDF Reader in Document page, and Media Player in Media page.
  • Swiftly switch between different applications:
    The EasyLauncher operation interface can be brought to the top once the user presses the circle icon of EasyLauncher. In this way, when monitoring cMT-SVR, switching to another application is easy through Task List.
  • Flexible and customizable operation interface:
    The user can not only customizes the way EasyLauncher opens the menu and the location of the menu, but also decides whether to display the task bar in Windows at startup (i.e., prevents Windows Explorer from launching at startup). The order of running programs after startup can be configured; for example, it can be configured to opening PDF Reader and Media Player in sequence.


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