SQL Query: Accessing SQLite Database Stored in USB/SD

Before, HMI can only access database by connecting remotely with MySQL or Microsoft SQL database server, now by using SQL Query, accessing SQLite database stored in a USB disk or SD card is possible. This feature is supported from EasyBuilder Pro v6.01.02.

There are two intuitive ways to designate file path of database: Static or Dynamic.
When using a static directory, the user can simply enter the full pathname of the database file in the provided field.
When using a dynamic directory, an address can be designated as the data source for the file path.



A File Browser object can be used to shorten the time it takes to enter the file path. By designating the same address for both File Browser and SQL Query, the file path can be simultaneously written to SQL Query when selecting a file in File Browser.


Tutorial Video:


Supported Software Version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.01.02 or later versions (download)

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