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Facing the pandemic-induced changes to the business world, enterprises are in urgent need to accelerate digital transformation. Among the works involved, cloud integration plays a key role, yet its technical and cost barriers have kept enterprises from moving forward. In light of this situation, Weintek is introducing the new Weintek Cloud Service, or Weincloud. Comprised of EasyAccess 2.0, Weintek’s existing remote access service, and the new cloud-based Dashboard service, Weincloud aims to help enterprises to expedite deployment of digital assets and improve production and monitoring efficiency.

What is Dashboard?

The cloud visualization Dashboard allows visualization of field data to help managers obtain status overview quickly. Following activation of the Dashboard service, a few steps are all it takes to start sending HMI data and customizing a cloud monitoring center. Even data from different HMI can be displayed on the same Dashboard.

Feature Highlights

Thanks to HMI’s powerful connectivity and outstanding computing power, key information such as production data and utilization indices can be clearly shown on Dashboard. The distinct advantage of Weincloud is that users are able to gain insight of their operations from anywhere in the world simply by opening a browser on a computer, without having to worry about technical details, server hosting, or coding at all.

Additionally, as EasyAccess 2.0 is now considered part of Weincloud, an integrated interface is provided for more effective management of HMI and user accounts. Note that EasyAccess 2.0 and Dashboard are licensed separately, and users are free to use either feature or both according to their needs.

Now is the time to create the Dashboard of your own, using Weincloud!

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