iR-ETN40R An Ethernet I/O Module

Product Introduction

Supporting Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP industrial Ethernet protocols, iR-ETN40R is an expandable Ethernet remote I/O module with 24 digital input channels (including 4 high-speed ones) and 16 relay output channels. It provides various unique features to support a highly efficient and cost-effective implementation of modern automated control systems.


  • Compact many-in-one design

iR-ETN40R provides built-in support for MODBUS TCP/IP Server and EtherNet/IP Adapter protocols and comes with 24 digital inputs and 16 relay outputs. Apart from the built-in I/O, the expandable design makes it possible to add additional digital, analog I/O, temperature modules, or pulse modules as required. Additionally, input and output connectors are of push-in type, which greatly simplify installation and wiring tasks.

  • High-speed inputs

iR-ETN40R offers 4 high-speed inputs for high-speed applications. These high-speed inputs can be configured for high-speed counter use (20 kHz, up to 4), or for A/B phase encoder use (10 kHz, up to 2 sets), depending on the application.

  • Exclusive features
  • Stop Output

RunStop Pin function of iR-ETN40R allows designation of an input as RunStop Input Point, and when it receives a signal, all outputs are stopped immediately. An example use case would be to associate a stop button with the input so that all outputs can be deactivated at once upon pressing of the stop button.

  • Pulse Capture

Pulse capture feature ensures that a high-speed pulse signal shorter than one scan cycle is held until the next scan cycle so that no pulse is missed.

  • Quick generation of description files

EasyRemoteIO software is used to connect to iR-ETN40R and then generate the description file needed for I/O configuration. These files can then be imported by other software to complete configuration with minimal effort. EasyRemoteIO can generate the following files:

(1) EasyBuilder Pro Tag File: for EasyBuilder Pro for programming Weintek HMI.

(2) PLCopen XML: for CODESYS.

(3) EDS File: for EtherNet/IP Scanner devices.

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