EtherCAT Solutions

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is an Ethernet-based industrial fieldbus system that can realize high-performance and high-immediacy communication, and the demand for its products has been gradually increasing. In response to that, Weintek has added EtherCAT support for the built-in CODESYS products as well. Together with iR-ECAT and various I/O modules, they form a complete EtherCAT solution where CODESYS serves as an EtherCAT master and iR-ECAT are EtherCAT slaves.

cMT Support for EtherCAT Master

Simply with firmware update and some configuration in CODESYS, the Ethernet port of cMT-CTRL01 (with built-in CODESYS) and cMT X series models with CODESYS activated can turn into an EtherCAT master port.

CODESYS Scans EtherCAT Slave

CODESYS offers automatic EtherCAT scanning function that can find EtherCAT slaves on the bus and automatically complete I/O settings, which saves time and trouble.

Support for Weintek Motion Control Function Blocks

Weintek provides a library of Motion Control Function Blocks that are built according to PLCopen standards, for use in CODESYS. These function blocks can help to execute various motion controls such as homing (MC_Home), positioning (MC_MoveAbsolute and MC_MoveRelative), and velocity control (MC_MoveVelocity), and many more with relative ease.

Eligible Products and Version Information

Those who have the following products can use EtherCAT features by upgrading related software and firmware to the version below.


* Eligible Products


cMT X Series HMI with CODESYS activated

* Applicable Software

CODESYS firmware 20200401.394 combined with Weintek_CODESYS_and_RemoteIO_1.0.0.255.package or later

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