Upgrade to cMT X Project with Ease

Considered a major, revolutionary leap from the predecessors, Weintek’s new cMT X Series delivers more complex application with its noticeable hardware upgrades, easy integration with database/IIoT networks, and many more hot features.

Accommodating these new features on cMT X though, requires a few changes to past project designs. To facilitate the transition, Weintek provides upgrade tools and feature alternatives, hoping that cMT X adopters will be able to take advantage of the new features while retaining similar user experience as before.

Replacing Overlapping Buttons with a Single Combo Button

On cMT X, triggering multiple buttons with a single touch can be done with a Combo Button. On a non-cMT HMI, however it can be achieved only by overlapping the buttons which does not guarantee the order of execution. In contrast, a Combo Button allows the order of execution to be specified, giving a more precise control. As a result, Combo Buttons simplify project design and reduce the amount of time spent on program maintenance.

A Combo Button conversion process using the tools is illustrated as follows:

Replacing EasyPrinter with FTP

cMT X now supports FTP with which users can transfer historical data files and screenshots to an FTP server on PC; therefore, EasyPrinter is no longer needed.

Reporting all changes during an upgrade

When converting a non-cMT project to a cMT X project, EasyBuilder Pro automatically generates a Project Migration Report to notify users of all the feature changes. This report can be exported for use as a reference when editing a project later on.


  • Applicable Software: EasyBuilder Pro V6.06.01
  • Notes on Upgrading EasyBuilder Pro Project: Click Here

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