Data Sampling – Customized File Handling

Before, data log has a fixed naming convention which does not allow users to customize file names, and the way files are saved. For example, on an iE/XE/eMT/mTV model, data sampling records are saved on a daily basis, while on a cMT Series model, data sampling records are saved into a single db file. Users are not able to change file names or specify how files are saved. Now with Customized File Handling function, users can use customized file names, or define rules for saving new records, for example, designate an address so that when its state changes, a new historical file is generated, or, specify an upper limit of records so that when the number is reached, a new historical file is generated.


How to use:
Select [Customized File Handling] when configuring Data Sampling.

Click [Settings…] to configure trigger method and specify file name.


Supported software versions:
iE/XE/eMT/mTV Series: EasyBuilder Pro V5.00.01 or later versions (download)
cMT Series: EasyBuilder Pro V5.06.01 or later versions (download)


[Tutorial Video]

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