New Experience on Air-Conditioning System

Weintek brings you a whole new experience on designing and operating an air-conditioning system. By adopting cMT Series HMI, the air-conditioning system can be easily operated, through an intuitive, visualized, friendly UI, and network. The flexibility and possibility of the air-conditioning system will be strongly elevated.


By connecting cMT-SVR with PLC, the cMT-SVR can receive data, which includes current temperature and compressor’s state, from PLC.

The cMT-SVR is equipped with dual Ethernet ports that ensure HMI can be on two independent networks, and strengthen data safety. By running EasyAccess 2.0 and cMT-Viewer programs, mobile monitor and remote control are enabled in the new system.

By connecting cMT-iV5 with cMT-SVR, the data in cMT-SVR can be displayed. The neat appearance of cMT-iV5 fits perfectly even in the office, and the visualized user interface can offer the most intuitive experience and satisfy diverse demands.


Everyone in the office can adjust the temperature of different areas by running cMT-Viewer on the computer now. If there are many users, EasyBuilder Pro can be a perfect user authentication manager. Besides, there is no need to worry about the waste of energy. EasyAccess2.0 can remotely connect and control the HMI to turn the power off anytime.

The ability of EA 2.0 is more than your expectation. It doesn’t need complicated network setting. On the other hand, as long as you have internet access, you will be able to download project, monitor PLC with Pass-through function, even to update PLC program.

Weintek technology is devoted to HMI development. Join us for innovation experience, versatile choice and better life.

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