Centralized User Account Management

Gary, production manager at a food processing factory, faces the problem about how to efficiently manage access permissions on the machines. Fortunately, his problem can be easily solved with Weintek’s cMT X HMI, which supports two types of external servers to facilitate centralized user account management.


One type of centralized user account management uses LDAP server as the external server, where it stores all user account data. When a user logs in from an HMI, the HMI connects to the LDAP server to process login. The major advantage of using LDAP server is that it is easy to integrate with existing LDAP servers and that its communication may be securely encrypted.

*Using LDAP server as the external server.

The other type uses a remote HMI. As illustrated in the figure below, the middle HMI may be used as the external server which stores all user account data. When a user logs in from one of the other HMIs, the HMI connects to the “HMI server” to process user login. The advantage for remote HMI is that no additional hardware / software but HMI itself is needed. Furthermore, similar to LDAP, HMI-HMI communication may also be safely protected by encryption.

* Using an HMI as the external server.

These solutions are just what Gary needs. Where conventional user management requires user account management on each HMI, now Gary simply needs to update user account data in the external server, and the changes are effectively reflected on all devices at once. For people like Gary, centralized user account management will prove to be time-saving and make factory management a lot more efficient than it used to be.


Eligible models: cMT X Series Standard and Advanced models

Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.07.01 or later

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