Facilitating Device Communication using Weintek Drivers

In the world of industrial automation, HMI has come to be an indispensable component. But with all the brands on the market, what sets Weintek HMI apart?

The key: communication capabilities.

To adapt to the ever-changing environment, Weintek continues to invest in research and development of HMI communication, and the results can be seen through the increasing breadth and depth in driver support, greater number of drivers with enhanced communication efficiency, and better streamlined integration processes.


After over a decade of R&D endeavor, Weintek HMI now supports more than 400 drivers/ communication protocols. Spanning mainstream to niche brands and most industrial markets, the range of driver options provides users with maximum flexibility to meet their project goals.


Since 2019, Weintek has been accelerating the development of enhanced-efficiency communication mode, with supported drivers now totaling 82. Compared to ordinary communication modes, the enhanced mode raises communication efficiency by at least 100%, resolving issues that may result due to communication bottlenecks.


While many devices allow for multiple communication channels to be used simultaneously (e.g., serial vs. Ethernet, multi-protocol, or absolute vs. tag-based addressing), most HMIs can only support a limited few. In contrast, Weintek HMI offers more comprehensive support, giving users the choice to weigh different communication options.


The process of mapping device tag addresses to the HMI side has been greatly simplified. In most cases, it simply involves importing a file generated by the device programming software into EasyBuilder Pro, the software for Weintek HMI, and then the device address list will automatically be created.


Weintek is proud to have a specialized team of driver developers who are experienced and adhere to a rigorous development process.


Weintek HMI features a number of distinctive drivers that are most current:


At Weintek, facilitating device communication has always been one of the priorities, and our professional teams are always on it. Beyond R&D pursuit though, we are also constantly listening – to our users and the industry – for feedbacks so that we can continue to provide great HMI products and services that answer the market dynamics.

Let Weintek drivers “drive” your project forward!


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