Weincloud: New Features at a Glance

Weintek proudly announces the launch of the latest version of Weincloud, introducing a suite of new features! This comprehensive update brings four key enhancements: a revamped permission system, a value-packed plan, increased data allowance, and simplified remote connectivity. Let’s explore each highlight.

| New Permission System

To streamline device and personnel permission management in large organizations or cross-departmental settings, Weincloud introduces a new Directory structure.

This hierarchical folder system enables managers to organize folders under Domain according to their requirements and designate these folders as Subdomains. Specific users can then be assigned to oversee HMIs and users within these Subdomains. For example, consider a multinational electronic component manufacturer with factories in Vietnam, India, and other regions. The manager can allocate devices and operators to folders corresponding to each region and quickly configure operational permissions, completing permission management instantly.

Furthermore, the new Audit Log feature tracks user activities, including login records and password or permission changes, enhancing security and enabling the identification of anomalies in various scenarios.

| Value-Packed Plan

The EasyAccess 2.0 activation card’s data allowance has been upgraded from 1 GB to 3 GB per month, tripling the available data. For those with higher data transmission needs, optional top-up cards are available, offering 5 GB or 10 GB per month for one year.

Moreover, EasyAccess 2.0 top-up cards, previously only linkable to Domains, now support linking to specified Subdomains or HMIs, and users have the freedom to change the linking target at any time. This makes EasyAccess 2.0 an even more flexible remote management solution.

|Easy Remote Connectivity

Without the need for app installation, Weincloud provides WebConnect, a web-based remote connection service. With WebConnect, connections to EasyWeb, WebView, VNC, or web services within the same domain can be easily established for HMI configuration.

In addition, Weintek continues to develop a diverse range of Dashboard widgets, including Alarm Display, Tag History, Map, Image, Button, and more, to enhance dashboard visualization. Weincloud, a cloud service for remote monitoring and data visualization, is committed to responding to market demands and delivering increasingly efficient and reliable services.

For detailed guidance, refer to the Tutorial Manual: https://support.ihmi.net

Weincloud Dashboard supported models: cMT X Series HMI

Weincloud EasyAccess 2.0 supported models: all Weintek HMI

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