cMT X Series – cMT3161X

Following rave review from customers for cMT3162X, Weintek now announces the release of a comparable model, cMT3161X. While the new cMT3161X is inspired by cMT3162X and retains many key elements of cMT3162X, market-wise it is positioned slightly differently so that it will help the cMT X Series become an attractive option in many more applications.

Again, cMT3161X boasts the most powerful processor compared to those adopted by similar products, which translates into powerful computing capabilities that can overcome the most difficult computational challenges and meet customers’ desire for speedy and smooth operation experience. Hardware and software advantages make cMT3161X an easy fit in diverse applications and allow it to play a key role in system integration.

Whatever that makes cMT3162X shine, cMT3161X has it as well:

Software: EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.01 or later

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