Ethernet Pass-Through

For a user who would like to modify PLC program when PLC and HMI are already installed on the machine, rewiring can be a convoluted job. Now with pass-through function, HMI can work like a converter so that PC can send signal to PLC through the Ethernet port on HMI, which minimizes the need for hardware adjustment, and allows modifying PLC program on PC.

Pass-through function allows PC application to control PLC via HMI. In this case, the HMI works like a converter. Pass-through may be achieved through the following are three different ways for a PC to connect HMI via Ethernet.

  1.  When HMI is connected with PLC using a serial port, installing a virtual serial port can connect PC with PLC.

    Supported HMI models:HMI models equipped with Ethernet port
    Applicable software version:All EasyBuilder Pro versions
  2. For an HMI equipped with two Ethernet ports, PC and PLC may be respectively connected to different Ethernet ports on HMI. In this case, Ethernet Pass-through allows the PC application to communicate with a PLC in different domain.

    Supported HMI models:cMT Series models equipped with two Ethernet ports
    Applicable software version:EasyBuilder Pro V6.03.01 or later versions
  3. Using EasyAccess 2.0 eliminates the need for setting up Utility Manager. PC can control PLC after entering PLC’s IP address in the corresponding field.

    Supported HMI models:HMI models equipped with Ethernet port and support EasyAccess 2.0
    Applicable software version:All EasyAccess 2.0 versions

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