All HMI Ready for EasyAccess 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought never-before-seen challenges and turned remote work a daily reality for many. As we face the sudden changes, it is Weintek’s EasyAccess 2.0 remote solution that is helping users overcome difficulties associated with remote work.

To address various demands relating to remote work, Weintek is introducing EasyAccess 2.0 and VNC function support to all current HMI series on the market. As for the selected non-Ethernet HMI models, 4G dongle support will be provided so that they can connect to the Internet to make use of EasyAccess 2.0.

Since the launch of EasyAccess 2.0 six years ago, it has been offering industries a stable and reliable remote connection solution with rich feature, user-friendly interface, and outstanding cross-platform support. With it, remote monitoring, remote equipment maintenance, and receiving of instant alarm notification on mobile devices have all become much simpler tasks. Now, users can comfortably rely on EasyAccess 2.0 to working remotely with ease regardless of the type of HMI used, and hopefully that will help keep the impact of the pandemic to a minimal.

To use EasyAccess 2.0 on iP Series, please update the software to the following versions:

EasyBuilder Pro: V6.04.02.597 or later

OS: 20201007 or later.

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