Assistive Tools on HMI – Calculator & Calendar

Weintek has always been dedicated to improving HMI by simplifying project editing and visualizing user interface. This article will show you how to call out a calculator window which can perform simple arithmetic operation, and how to show a calendar on HMI.



With [Display calculator window] selected, clicking this [Function Key] can open a calculator with an unchangeable appearance as shown below (left). This calculator allows operators to do simple calculation and enter the result to a destination object by pressing the lower-right key.



Find [Calendar] object under [Time-related] drop-down menu in [Object] tab. Calendar properties are shown below (right). This object only has one form but can be changed to different colors of texts, backgrounds, for suiting different project styles.


Supported HMI models:cMT Series
Supported software version:EasyBuilder Pro V6.02.02 or later versions (download)

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