SQL query basic and advanced mode

In earlier posts we introduced the application of SQL Query. Now we are going to talk about the two different modes of SQL Query in EasyBuilder Pro: basic mode and advanced mode. Basic mode supports simple SQL command that allows users to change the data in SQL database. On the other hand, advanced mode allows users to define the SQL commands they need, so that they can make some advanced application to the data in SQL database. For example, filter or calculate the average value…etc.


Simple mode

  • Supports Create, Read, Update and Delete, the four basic SQL command.
  • Supports making basic changes to data, such as updating online recipe.

As shown above, the four commands are built-in in the basic mode.

Read the data from the database, and update, create or delete it.


Advanced mode

  • Supports user-defined SQL commands.
  • Advanced application to the data, such as filter, calculate average or change the unit of data…etc.

As shown above, users need to define the SQL commands in advance.

Press Select button to filter out the data in the “Orange Juice” column. Enter 300 in the Numeric object next to the Select button and then press Select. This will execute the filter command to filter out the data in which Orange Juice is greater than 300.

Press Avg button to calculate the average value in Orange juice column.

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