USB Tethering

In the era of Industry 4.0, connecting HMI with other devices through internet is an unstoppable trend. Now with everyone has a smartphone, Weintek has adopted USB Tethering function of Android® smartphones which allows sharing internet connection of the phone with HMI. Users only need a compatible USB cable for connecting the phone with HMI to easily go online and flexibly configure parameters or troubleshoot.



  • EasyAccess 2.0: An on-site HMI with EA2.0 activated needs to go online to communicate with EA2.0 server, and USB Tethering function can make HMI quickly go online for configuring the settings.
  • E-mail backup: When an operator in a place where no physical internet connection can be found needs to backup Data Log or Event Log, USB Tethering function can help triggering E-mail backup as long as the phone has signal reception.


Supported HMI models: iE/XE/eMT/mTV/cMT Series (excluding Gateway models)
Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V5.03.02 or later (download)


[Tutorial Video]

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