String Table

With String Table feature, Weintek HMI users can easily change the text objects’ contents by importing/exporting the .csv file without downloading the project again.

 Who will benefit from this feature:

  • System Integrators who do global business.
  • Machine makers who sell products to different countries.
  • End users who like to define their own interface notes.


If you are a System Integrator, who needs to design project for different country’s users, but you’re not familiar with their language.

The reseller from that country can easily export the String Table by Import/Export function then using Notepad/Wordpad/Excel to edit the .csv file and correct the translation.

After correction, the reseller only needs to import the corrected file into HMI, without asking for the EasyBuilderPro project from SI and downloading the project into HMI again.

If the end user wants to use his own description, he doesn’t need to learn how to use EasyBuilderPro  modifying the project first. He can easily change the String Table by exporting/importing .csv file.

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