EasyConverter Command Line

EasyConverter command line can execute batch file (.bat), and convert .dtl or .evt files into .xls or .csv files for export. In the batch file, the user can define the format of the exported file (ex: ASCII, Unicode, or UTF-8), and decide whether or not to include millisecond information or load settings file.

Do you often feel that opening and converting files one by one is too time-consuming, especially when the amount of data is huge? Now you can experience the swiftness of converting your data all at once, simply by setting a batch file.


With EasyConverter command line feature, when an engineer needs to upload a great amount of historical data to PC, convert data into .csv file, and load it into a third-party software, the whole process can be easily done by scheduling a batch file to run automatically, and then the data will all be in the right place, in the right time.


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