Category: Features

Dynamic Scale

Dynamic Scale object facilitates the making of highly customizable tick marks and scale labels whose Max/Min limits can be adjusted dynamically.

Dynamic Drawing

Dynamic Drawing object allows you to draw a dot, line, rectangle, or even a circle in a specified region on HMI screen at Run Time.


WithBACnet COV feature, Weintek HMI can be used in any massive node BACnet system, without problem of communication data overflow. 

Trend Display – Y scale control

EasyBuilder Pro adds Y-scale feature in Trend Display object. The Y-scales can be shown or hidden, and the order or range of Y-scales can be changed dynamically on HMI.


Do you wish to hide HMI system settings menu, but worry about the need for changing the settings afterward? Do you consider setting the HMIs one by one a time consuming and tiring job, especially...