Author: weintek-marketing

VNC Viewer

With VNC viewer, Weintek HMI users will be able to use one HMI viewing another HMI’s screen or a PC which has VNC server installed.

Energy Demand Monitoring

Following the increasing attention being paid to the energy issue in the globe, effective energy management has become more important than ever. Weintek cMT Series HMI supports energy meters that are clearly visualized on...

HMI Off-line Simulation

EasyBuilder Pro provides system register LB-12358, which allows switching to off-line simulation mode on HMI, and running simulation on HMI without connecting a PLC.

Database Server

The fourth industrial revolution is taking place right now, are you ready for it? Still feeling upset about how to make your factory work smarter and organize the HMI data more efficiently? Database Server is...

Expand your Picture Library

Do you always feel the pictures in the Picture Library is not enough? Do you want to add a lot of new pictures into the Picture Library? The Weintek RD team newly added a...

String Table

With String Table feature, Weintek HMI users can easily change the text objects’ contents by importing/exporting the .csv file without downloading the project again.


With BACnet MSTP driver, Weintek HMI users will no longer require the BACnet adapter when you want to use BACnet MSTP device.