Author: weintek-marketing

Dynamic Drawing

Dynamic Drawing object allows you to draw a dot, line, rectangle, or even a circle in a specified region on HMI screen at Run Time.


Designed to be light weight, open, and simple, MQTT is a subscriber/publisher messaging transport protocol that is considered a great solution for applications where small code footprint is required and/or network bandwidth is scarce.

mTV HMI, an ideal solution for ANDON System

Andon has been widely used in manufacturing plants for instant visual management. With Andon system, alert messages and key productivity indicators from production line can be collected, displayed and monitored in realtime.


WithBACnet COV feature, Weintek HMI can be used in any massive node BACnet system, without problem of communication data overflow. 


Do you wish to hide HMI system settings menu, but worry about the need for changing the settings afterward? Do you consider setting the HMIs one by one a time consuming and tiring job, especially...

New Experience on Air-Conditioning System

Weintek brings you a whole new experience on designing and operating an air-conditioning system. By adopting cMT Series HMI, the air-conditioning system can be easily operated, through an intuitive, visualized, friendly UI, and network.